I have given oral presentations in several international conferences:stamp

  • Gordon Research Conference on biological molecules in the gas phase. Maine (U.S.A.). 2005.
  • Workshop on Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules II (MIBII). Prague (Czech Republic). 2005.
  • Czech-Japanese Symposium, Prague (Czech Republic). Prague (Czech Republic). 2005.
  • Workshop on Modeling Interactions in Biomolecules III (MIBIII). Prague (Czech Republic). 2007.


Likewise, I have been invited to give a talk in the following Universities:

  • Department of Molecular Modelization; Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry. Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. Prague (Czech Republic). 2005.
  • Department of Physical Chemistry and Inorganic Chemistry. University of Valladolid. Valladolid (Spain). 2005.
  • Department of Biology and Molecular Biology. University of Barcelona. Barcelona (Spain). 2005.
  • IRC in Polymer Science and Technology. School of Physics and Astronomy. University of Leeds. Leeds (United Kingdom). 2007.
  • Faculty of Science and Technology . University of the Vasque Country. Bilbao (Spain). 2013.


Additionally, I have attended to 30 international conferences.